CUMBERLAND, R.I.-Sustainable Softworks has released an update, version
1.1.1, to IPNetSentry, a personal firewall and intelligent network security
software for Macintosh. The enhancements improve log viewing and add a
traceroute option.

IPNetSentry includes sophisticated intrusion logging features that in
earlier versions quickly created a file too large to read in SimpleText,
and some users don’t want to view the entire file in another text editor.
Version 1.1.1 fixes this problem.

When a user clicks the “Log” button within the IPNetSentry Companion
Application, a new Log window is opened within the companion application.
This log file will display the last 32K of the IPNetSentry Log file and
actively display any log commands as they originate from IPNetSentry in
real time, so users can see any attempted intrusions as they happen.

The user will still have the ability to view the entire Log file from their
favorite text editor by holding down the Shift key when clicking the Log
button in the companion app.

Version 1.1.1 now works with IPNetMonitor to better track intruders.
IPNetSentry’s alert feature can automatically do a lookup of an IP address
to get contact information if needed for reporting purposes. However, many
intruders, especially in the Far East, are using unregistered IP address,
making this form of identification impossible.

If a user owns IPNetMonitor, holding down the control key during the
IPNetSentry alert will automatically launch a traceroute function in
IPNetMonitor. This will help to identify an intruder’s ISP, allowing a user
to contact the service and inform the service about what one of their
clients is doing. Current IPNetSentry owners can get more information about
IPNetMonitor and its capabilities at

IPNetSentry works completely in the background to protect computers from
common hacker attacks. IPNetSentry also offers flexible intruder alert
notifications. Its browser notification mode automatically takes the user’s
browser to a Sustainable Softworks web page that provides details regarding
the intruder and their Internet Service Provider-including contact names
and phone numbers of the offending IP address’s owner, which help to
identify and shut down the hacker.

IPNetSentry comes with a preconfigured set of “triggers” which initially
defines common “suspicious activity,” such as attempts to connect to a mail
server, via Telnet ports, or using network controls to configure a router.
It includes a convenient companion application that allows the user to turn
IPNetSentry on and off, test the software via Sustainable Softworks’
testing site, and permits custom definitions of “suspicious activity” by
advanced users., a testing site run by hackers, gave IPNetSentry five stars,
its highest rating, writing, “IPNetSentry is a simple to use yet advanced
application for all your firewall needs. Instructions are easy for anyone
to understand, plus the ability to test your network to see if it is
blocking outside connections is a great plus.”

More than 12,500 users have downloaded IPNetSentry at,
giving it an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five. One reviewer posted,
“IPNetSentry does indeed work as advertised. This application is GOLD for
anyone concerned with protecting their machine from network intruders.”

IPNetSentry is $35 and can be downloaded at The upgrade is free to
registered users.

About Sustainable Softworks:
Sustainable Softworks is a small, growing virtual corporation based in
Cumberland, R.I., with employees in Sarasota, Fla., Berkeley, Calif., and
suburban Washington, D.C. The privately-owned company is committed to
helping individuals and small organizations address their computing needs
in a market dominated by larger and more sophisticated customers and
suppliers. The company focuses on developing understandable and affordable
information systems that fit the environment. Rapid innovation and falling
prices have not only created a complex myriad of choices, but have also led
vendors to focus on incorporating advanced features for enterprise
customers who can afford them. Vendors want to sell and support the most
sophisticated technology, and the market is easily influenced to follow the
leaders. What’s lost in this process is a broad market perspective, and
rational evaluation of what is needed and what it will really cost.
Sustainable Softworks offers a mature, insightful view of information
systems with an eye toward pragmatic solutions for both large and small
organizations. The company’s website can be found at