New Version of Rewind=AE Released

Power On Updates Macworld Best of Show Winner to Version 1.2

Columbus, Ohio – June 14, 2001 – Power On Software, Inc. today announced
that it has updated Rewind=AE, its Macworld Best of Show award-winning
utility. The new version makes a number of improvements to the
application’s compatibility and operation. Rewind allows users to reverse
disasters and mistakes with a click. The software monitors the changes that
occur to Macintosh files and the operating system during regular use. By
keeping track of these changes, Rewind permits the user to travel back in
time to a point before a problem occurred. A simple calendar interface
displays a list of files and events and pointing and clicking on the
desired time or file brings the user back from the brink of disaster. The
new version, available today, includes the following enhancements:

* Implemented controls to limit the size of the Rewind archive

* Improved compatibility provides greater stability with applications that
handle memory in nonstandard manners

* Added the ability to use the Finder’s “Put Away” command for files
restored to the trash or the desktop

* Fixed a problem where Rewind would sometimes fail to remove its archive
from a volume when protection was turned off for that volume. Rewind now
removes its archives correctly

* Modified the Rewind application so that it will not launch unless the
Rewind extension is running

* Added the file signatures for Virtual PC 4 disk images to Rewind’s
database, so that it can correctly handle all versions of VPC volumes.

* Added the ability for Rewind to restore files even if a version of the
file was open during a Rewind operation

Rewind is a unique new product that automatically provides continuous
protection to a user’s system and data from the moment it is installed. It
is ideal for all Macintosh users, from beginners and novices to users in
critical production environments. Rewind provides the ability to recover
from errors or accidental data loss and to revive frozen or misbehaving
systems instantly.

Reviewers continue to lavish praise on Rewind’s capabilities. CNET has
awarded Rewind its Editor’s Choice Award. The newspaper Australian, in an
article published on June 12th wrote, Rewind “=8A is an astonishingly good,
effective and well thought-out program that can rewind your Mac’s hard
disk, taking it back to a point in time before you trashed or corrupted the
file, or let the virus in.” Renowned troubleshooting site, MacFixIt,
observed that “our impression of Rewind=8Ais very positive.” Maconly
Editor-in Chief Bill Fox has been converted: “Rewind has saved my bacon
twice. I’m a believer!” In further tribute to its usefulness, MacDirectory
notes, “This program has almost infinite applications, all of which can
save you hours of frustration and major headaches.”

Availability and Pricing

Rewind Version 1.2 is available now. It has a suggested retail price of
$99.95. Registered owners of earlier versions of Rewind may download an
update to the newest version free of charge. Power On’s new network
installer will automatically update the software to the newest version.
Rewind is distributed by Ingram Micro and is available from resellers
everywhere. The product can also be downloaded from the Power On Software
Web site at:

About Power On Software

Power On Software, Inc. was founded in 1993 and has established itself as
the leader in utility and business productivity software. In addition ot
Rewind, Power On is the developer of Now Up-to-Date & Contact and the
ACTION Utilities=81 Collection, which have consistently garnered industry
accolades, including Product of the Year, multiple Editor’s and Reader’s
Choice honors, seven World Class Awards and back-to-back Eddy Award
nominations. Power On Software is also the developer of Now Planner for
Macintosh and Windows, DiskLock, On Guard for Macintosh and Windows, as
well as Screen To Screen and LAN Commander. Power On is committed to
providing the highest quality productivity software, with an emphasis on
total customer satisfaction.