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Automated Solutions Group Announces the Release of AreaList Pro 7.6.1

Huntington Beach, CA – June 18, 2001: Automated Solutions Group today
announced the release of AreaList Pro 7.6.1 for Macintosh and Windows.

About AreaList Pro
AreaList Pro provides capabilities not available in native 4D such as
horizontal scrolling, user-resizable columns, automatic column sizing and
formatting, copy to the clipboard, drag and drop interfaces, and more. The
contents of a list can even be altered directly by entering data into the
AreaList Pro area using typed characters and popup menus, with full control
over data entry.

What’s New in AreaList Pro 7.6.1
Bug Fixes

Fixed drag/drop issues with Win2K and 4D 6.7.x – Fixed drag and drop issues
which were causing crashes when using ALP with 4D 6.7.x on Windows 2000 and
Windows ME installations.

About Automated Solutions Group
Based in Huntington Beach, California, Automated Solutions Group provides
software development and consulting services. Founded in 1989, Automated
Solutions Group develops and supports a wide variety of software development
tools to aid in the creation of custom applications for the Macintosh and
Windows platforms.

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