Toronto, Canada – May 29, 2001 – Rage Software Releases Macintosh Explorer
Aqua 1.1.

Macintosh Explorer Aqua gives Macintosh Explorer 2.0 a new look. It changes
Macintosh Explorer to look more like it belongs on Apple’s new operating
system Mac OS X. Macintosh Explorer Aqua will change the button bar in
Macintosh Explorer 2.0 to new style aqua buttons.

This patch will not make any other modifications to Macintosh Explorer. You
must have a copy of Macintosh Explorer 2.0 already installed on your
computer to use this patch. You can download Macintosh Explorer from the
Rage Software web site at (a href=”” target=”_new”) New To This Version

This version of Macintosh Explorer Aqua brings compatibility with Macintosh
Explorer 2.0. Previous versions of Macintosh Explorer Aqua were
incompatible with the latest version of Macintosh Explorer.

Download & Availability

Macintosh Explorer Aqua is freeware. You may use it at no charge.

You can download Macintosh Explorer from the Rage Software web site at;
(a href=”” target=”_new”) More Information

More information about Macintosh Explorer Aqua can be found in the Read Me
file included with the download.

Screen Shots are available at;

About Rage Software

Established in 1999, Rage Software has been making quality Mac Software to
help make your Mac experience easier. Rage Software aims to provide all Mac
users with easy to use, professional software at an affordable price.

Rage Software is the author of many popular Mac shareware and freeware
which include Macintosh Explorer, Invisible Finder, CSM Maker, ShutDown
Timer, and Finder Quitter. Rage Software’s products have won favorable
reviews in major industry publications including MacWorld, Mac People,
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