FOR RELEASE ON Monday May 21, 2001

— Over 2,200 articles, from over 700 industry experts!

Westlake Village, California – May 21, 2001 — MacTech Magazine, the
Journal of Macintosh Technology and Development, announced today the
release of the MacTech CD-ROM (volumes 1-17) now updated through April 2001.

Debuting at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference in San Jose, the
MacTech CD-ROM includes the entire history of MacTech Magazine. With over
2,200 articles from over 700 industry experts in Macintosh programming,
networking, and technology, the MacTech archives represent an incredible
resource to the fundamental Apple technologies and an essential reference
for Mac programmers.

Running from 1984 through April 2001, the MacTech archives span the history
of Macintosh. This wealth of tutorials, introductions to new technologies,
and how to articles have been compiled into databases for the THINK
Reference system.

The THINK Reference Viewer (included on the CD-ROM) is explicitly supported
by all major Macintosh development environments — including CodeWarrior,
Symantec C++, Object Master, and BBEdit. Simply select text in these
environments and use a command key combination to bring THINK Reference
forward and search for that API or keyword.

“THINK Reference is an essential component of the MacTech CD,” said Neil
Ticktin, publisher of MacTech Magazine. “With over 2,200 articles, we
needed a way to make it fast and convenient to find exactly the article our
readers are looking for. THINK Reference let’s you run detailed searches,
or browse the articles with embedded hyperlinks and indexes. Best of all,
the archives are stored in tightly compiled databases making it easy to
store them on your laptop hard drive.”

Also included on the MacTech CD is the complete run of Apple’s develop
magazine, the FrameWorks journal, and Apple’s original Inside Macintosh
technical reference — all in THINK Reference format. A wealth of source
code, shareware, demos, and special offers are also included on the CD-ROM.

Owners can extend the MacTech collection with the THINK Reference Compiler
included on the CD-ROM. Now with support for AppleEvents and larger make
files, the THINK Reference Compiler will convert HTML directories into a
single, compact, THINK Reference database. Owners of the MacTech CD can
extend the reference collection by adding their own databases from HTML

Press contact:
Nick DeMello
TEL 805-494-9797
FAX 805-494-9798

For more information about the MacTech CD-ROM:

Pricing and Availability

Priced at $139, until May 31st, the new MacTech CD ROM is available for
only $119. It can be purchased at WWDC, or through the DevDepot
( Anyone who purchased the previous version of
the MacTech CD ROM after March 31st will receive a complimentary upgrade.
Users who own previous versions of the CD ROM can upgrade for only $49.

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