For Immediate Release

5/18/01 (Mammoth Lakes, California) (TM) releases Gimp 1.2.1 for Mac OS X CD.

By simply double-clicking on the package, the open-source alternative to
Adobe Photoshop, Gimp (GNU Image Manipulation Program) 1.2.1, will be
installed in minutes. The CD installs and configures Gimp with all of the
programs and libraries required to run the graphical-user-interface within
Mac OS X’s Aqua interface (XFree86 4.0.3, XAqua 0.6, and Gimp 1.2.1).

The installation program also installs complete documentation (in both PDF
and HTML formats), tutorials, brushes, patterns and a mirror of the
official Gimp web site.

The CD comes with limited-technical support to help get a system up and
running should the user experience any difficulty installing Gimp with our

The CD costs US$25.00, and you will receive $10 off of our next Gimp CD.

To learn more about the CD and to purchase, please point your favorite web
browser to:

To find out more about Gimp’s capabilities, please go to: