From: Chad J McQuinn (

I have made several structural changes to my OS X Utilities plugin. It has
now been divided into three separate plugins, each of whose functions use a
prefix to avoid naming conflicts. The plugins do not depend on each other.

MMisc plugin: Includes functions for manipulating the quit and preferences
menu items in the application menu, as well as for installing and managing
a standard “Window” menu. Also includes a function “IsOSXRunning”, which
should be checked before using most functions in any of these plugins.

MFile plugin: Utilities for working with icons, unix paths, and ‘kind strings’.

MDock plguin: Utilities for manipulating dock icons. Includes providing
animations as well as overlaying or changing your application’s icon.

Sorry for the name changes, but it’s the best way for me not to have to
worry about conflicts with other plugins. All three are free for all use.
Do not abuse the functions that they provide.

All plugins are carbon-only. Most are OSX-only, with some exceptions as
noted in the documentation. The plugins have been weak-linked against
CarbonFramework.lib, which means you can still build an app with them to
run under OS 8 or 9 (with Carbon), but of course you can’t use OS X

Documentation is included in the download which is on my idisk:

Here is a summary of the major changes:

* Due to lack of namespaces, added prefixes to all functions.

* Installing a window menu now returns an integer that is actually a
Toolbox ‘MenuRef’. You can use this for further manipulation of the menu
with other plugins or Declare statements, or just ignore it.

* Enhanced functions for manipulating the application’s icon in the dock.

* Sample projects have been enhanced.