Wednesday 21st March 2001, Bondi Beach, Australia.

WestCiv Webware announces the launch of their series of free self-paced
courses in standards-based web development, available online in weekly


Standards-based web development, using HTML 4.0 and XHTML, with CSS for
* streamlines the web development process
* future-proofs your projects for all standards-based browsers, platforms
and devices
* promotes the development of faster loading pages
* is committed to accessibility and usability

By returning to the site weekly developers will be able to work their way
through the whole course, developing an entire web site in structural,
validating XHTML, and later giving it their own appearance with CSS.
Broader concepts and issues are fully explained for each technique, giving
a solid foundation in the future of web development. Most importantly,
accessibility and usability are emphasized right from the beginning of the

Each week of the course is also designed to be largely self-contained, so
students can join in at any time. As well, the entire course is available
for online purchase at $24.99 to allow developers to move ahead at their
own pace should they wish to.

For more information contact
Maxine Sherrin