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Perforce Software And TeamShare Integrate Software Development Tools To Give Developers, Quality Assurance Managers & Testers More Efficiency With Less Effort

March 12, 2001 – Alameda, Calif. – Perforce Software, Inc. and TeamShare, Inc. today announced the integration of Perforce’s Software Configuration Management (SCM) system and TeamShare’s industry-leading defect tracking system, tTrack. For this integration, Perforce has developed a new open-source module, Perforce Defect Tracking Integration (P4DTI), which is now available as part of the complete Perforce SCM system.

“We have relied on the Perforce SCM system for years to manage our development activities,” said David Markley, engineering manager at Lycos, Inc. “We also started using TeamShare’s tTrack for Web-based bug tracking. This integration is a natural, and it means we can focus more effort on software development.”

Perforce SCM is a comprehensive system that helps software development teams efficiently manage large, complex development projects across multiple operating system platforms. TeamShare’s tTrack allows QA teams and testers to easily monitor and manage reported software defects and enhancements. It is the most popular commercial, Web-architected defect-tracking system.

“Perforce users will benefit from this collaborative effort with TeamShare because defect tracking is crucial to the software management process,” said Christopher Seiwald, president and chief technology officer of Perforce Software. “And, it’s in keeping with our philosophy to help developers work efficiently, with the tools they like best, without getting in their way.”

With P4DTI, developers can now do routine defect resolution working entirely from a Perforce client – or from their IDE – without switching to tTrack and entering duplicate information. The tTrack database remains consistent with the changes made in Perforce SCM, providing managers accurate and up-to-date project status information. Specifically, P4DTI links the changes that developers make via Perforce with defects tracked and managed within tTrack, which makes it easy to find out why changes were made, locate work that was done to resolve issues, and generate reports tying issues to specific files or code lines. In the future, integration with additional defect-tracking systems will be possible through the P4DTI integration kit.

“tTrack users now have easy access to all the functions of the Perforce SCM system without ever leaving the tTrack environment,” says Tim Bradley, TeamShare’s vice president of marketing and business development. “This means Quality Assurance managers and testers can more efficiently manage more processes with less effort.”

tTrack users are able to perform and track configuration management actions through their browser interface. This integration enables developers to complete their work in Perforce while managers and QA departments can continue to manage that work with tTrack through workflow tracking and reports. The efficiency gains – using the tool the worker is most familiar with and not having to switch between software tools to communicate changes – positively impact time to market and revenue potential.

Availability and Pricing of P4DTI
P4DTI for tTrack will be available April 1 as part of Perforce 2000.2, the newest Perforce SCM release. P4DTI runs on Unix and Windows and can be used with defect trackers and Perforce servers on any platform. P4DTI is open source and can be downloaded free for use with a licensed or two-user Perforce Server. An integration kit also will be available soon that will allow developers to adapt P4DTI to their needs, including to other defect tracking systems. A single-user Perforce license costs $600, with discounts for cumulative purchases. For information about additional features in Perforce 2000.2, visit the company’s Website at, or contact Perforce Software at 510/864-7400.

Availability and Pricing of tTrack
The ability to integrate with Perforce SCM is available as part of tTrack 4.5, the newest tTrack release. tTrack pricing starts at $599 per single user seat with volume discounts available. For more information, call 888/TEAMSHARE (888/832-6742), send email to, or visit the company’s Website at

About the Perforce SCM System
Perforce is a comprehensive software configuration management (SCM) system that streamlines the software development process at organizations working with multiple operating systems and in multiple physical locations. While providing all the must-have elements of a high-powered SCM system, including version control, workspace management, and atomic change transactions, Perforce also is easy to use. The product helps minimize downtime by managing work on local disks and providing for online backups.

About Perforce Software, Inc.
Perforce Software, Inc., designs, develops, markets and supports Perforce – the Fast SCM System. Headquartered in Alameda, Calif., Perforce Software sells worldwide and has international operations in Europe and Africa. Perforce customers include developers of systems, application, Web, and database software, and firms in the financial, education, and research markets. For additional information, contact Perforce Software via e-mail at, on the Web at, or by phone at 510/864-7400.

About TeamShare, Inc.
Founded in 1996, TeamShare, Inc. is a Colorado Springs-based software company specializing in development of Web-based workflow management tools. The company’s leading-edge product, tTrack, is the premier Web-architected problem tracking/workflow management solution. The company’s tSupport product is a pioneering, Web-architected help desk/customer support solution that provides advanced functionality at a competitive price point. Both products are available individually or in combination to provide a tight integration between customer support and product development. TeamShare’s rapidly growing client list includes Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Excite@Home, Pfizer, Citicorp, 3-Com, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and ADP. For more information contact TeamShare, Inc. by phone at 888/TEAMSHARE (832-6742), via e-mail at, or on the Web at