REALbasic is the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating your own software
for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. People who have never programmed
before who just need to solve a problem, experienced programmers who need
to enhance their productivity — and everyone in between — will benefit
from using REALbasic.

REALbasic 3.1 continues REAL Software’s quest to deliver outstanding tools
to the Macintosh user community. This release’s primary focuses are
finalizing Mac OS X and Carbon functionality, database fixes, and general
updates and fixes to REALbasic 3. Read the release notes for more details.

REALbasic 3.1 is a free maintenance update to REALbasic 3.0. It is intended
to address issues with versions of Mac OS X released after Mac OS X Public
Beta. There may be problems with running the IDE and deploying applications
created with it on Mac OS X Public Beta that do not appear in later
releases of Mac OS X. Please confirm that issues with Mac OS X Public Beta
also exist in later releases.

Important note: REALbasic 3.1b1 uses REALbasic 3 registration. If you have
a REALbasic 3 license, this alpha will operate as REALbasic 3 does.
Otherwise, REALbasic will run in demo mode, which allows compiling.
Applications compiled while REALbasic is in demo mode run for only five
minutes at a time and expire after thirty days. Database access is limited
to the first fifty rows of data.