MacHack 2001: Jef Raskin Joins Keynote

MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge Developers

Contact: Carol Lynn
c/o Expotech
1264 Bedford Road
Grosse Point Park, MI 48230

February 22, 2001-Dearborn, MI- In the ongoing efforts to provide the
maximum Macintosh keynote, MacHack: The Annual Conference for Leading Edge
Developers is pleased to announce the addition of Jef Raskin to the
Ultimate Macintosh Engineering Reunion conference keynote.

For this one-of-a-kind event, MacHack has already empanelled Andy
Hertzfeld, Caroline Rose, Guy “Bud” Tribble and Bruce Horn. All are members
of the early Macintosh engineering team and promise a keynote full of
reminiscences of computing by-gones as well as a unique look at the future
as envisioned by people who continue to lead the computer industry.

Jef Raskin, a consultant on human-machine interaction design, is best known
as the father of Apple’s Macintosh computer. His new book, “The Humane
Interface” (Addison Wesley, 2000) received 3 printings in 9 months, is in
use at 11 universities, is being translated into 5 languages, and has been
nominated for 2 awards so far. Over 500 of Jef’s articles have been
published; he has a column in Forbes ASAP, and is often published in Wired,
a number of Web zines, the Communications of the ACM, Quantum, Skeptical
Inquirer, and lots of model airplane magazines. He was the conductor of the
San Francisco Chamber Opera, a professional photographer, a professor of
art at the University of California, and a university computer center
director. He plays keyboards and is learning to play chalumeaux. If you
think that this sounds like a fictional character, you’d be right, as Jef
appears in one of Spider Robinson’s science fiction novels.

MacHack 2001 will take place June 21-23, 2001, in Dearborn, Michigan. This
unprecedented keynote panel will convene at the traditional 12:01 AM on
June 21 to kick off the 72-hour marathon conference. More information is
available on the Web from (

For attendees, discounted registration is available for early response.
Full attendees can register for $475 online, a savings of $50 of the
regular registration rate, this price is good until April 15, 2001.
Students can register for $50, which includes all-access to the conference
as well as a special meal package. Total attendance is limited to 400.
Student attendance is limited to 50. More details are available on the
conference website.