Miramar Systems, Inc. Now Connects All PCs and Macs Any Time, Anywhere, Any

SANTA BARBARA, California, March 6, 2001 ? Miramar Systems — the global
leader in development of PC-to-Macintosh interoperability software —
announced today its most complete and comprehensive PC-to-Mac connectivity
software solution ever with the release of PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me,
now including IP Client, IP Server and True bi-directional printer support.

Whether at home, in the office or on the road, the multi-award winning PC
MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me is the most powerful and complete
cross-platform networking suite available. PC MACLAN connects Windows 95,
98 or Me PCs to a network of Macs for bi-directional integration between
the two operating systems. Now users can seamlessly share files and drives
of any size, from anywhere, at any time over AFP or the faster IP based
networks, via LAN, WAN or dial-up modem.

With this release, Miramar Systems compliments its offering of PC software
with support for Windows Millenium Edition, in addition to Windows 95 and
Windows 98. Additionally included are three bonus utilities: PC Migrator,
A.K.A., and MacOpener by DataViz.

PC Migrator helps maintain file extensions during transfer.

A.K.A removes illegal characters from Mac files before transfer to the PC.

MacOpener opens Mac media on a PC.

“As software vendors increase customer benefits, Miramar is advancing ahead
of the curve,” explained Harry Rabin, Miramar Systems Senior VP of
Engineering and Miramar co-founder. “The addition of IP support enhances
user’s ability to access and transfer data even faster. Moreover, the
ability to print to non-PostScript printers further solidifies PC MACLAN as
the most complete PC-to-Mac connectivity suite available on the market

Clent Richardson, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations,
added, “With revolutionary products like Mac OS X, iMac and the Power Mac
G4 Cube, the Mac is the platform of choice for professionals and consumers
seeking incredible ease of use and advanced computing power. Miramar’s PC
MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me takes advantage of the incredible business
opportunities associated with the Mac and offers powerful and complete
cross-platform networking capabilities.”

PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me uses AFP (AppleTalk File Protocol) over IP
to provide Windows Servers and Clients the choice between file access and
transfer over AppleTalk or over IP, the industry’s preferred standard. This
new capability enables a Windows PC greater flexibility in accessing
Macintosh IP Servers, a service not provided with Windows Workstation or
Windows 2000 Professional. This feature enhancement to PC MACLAN levels the
productivity output for Macintoshes on a Windows network. With IP Server
support, PC MACLAN enables users to transfer large documents at faster
rates, an especially beneficial feature to the publishing, pre-press, and
graphic design industries, where large file access and transfers are common.

Additionally, the new PC MACLAN now offers the first cross-platform suite
to provide Mac users with the ability to print to any non-PostScript
printer attached to the PC network with the support of a third-party
utility called Ghostscript. Miramar Systems has developed an executable
program called GSDirector that allows users to easily download and set up
Ghostscript. This enables PostScript compatibility for users who need to
print to non-PostScript printers attached to a PC (with PC MACLAN
installed) on the network. Ghostscript converts PostScript formatted files
to non-PostScript and sends the job to the Windows print queue.

Pricing and Availability
PC MACLAN for Windows 95/98/Me retails for $199 USD. Upgrades from any
previous version of PC MACLAN range from $69-$99 but must be purchased
direct from Miramar Systems. Volume license discounts are also available.
PC MACLAN may be purchased through Ingram Micro or direct from Miramar at

About Miramar Systems
Founded in 1989, Miramar Systems is a global leader in the development,
marketing and support of desktop utilities for system migration and
multi-platform network integration. Over the years, the company has
received hundreds of industry accolades for its product line, PC MACLAN and
its newest technology Desktop DNA. Miramar Systems has been recognized by
Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held corporations in
the United States for the last three continuous years. Located in Santa
Barbara, Calif., Miramar Systems’ software is distributed in more than 30
countries. For more information, contact Miramar Systems by phone at
800.862.2526 or 805.966.2432; via e-mail at; or visit