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March 1, 2001. San Jose, CA.

4D, Inc. releases improved, optimized 4D version 6.7.1 update

4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th Dimension RAD/RDBMS Environment and WebSTAR
Server Suite 4.3, announced today that 4D version 6.7.1 has been released
and is now available from the 4D, Inc. web site. 4D v6.7.1 is a significant
release for current 4D v6.7.x users with many improvements and
optimizations along with the addition of a few minor new web features.

“System integrity is our primary concern here at 4D and we are constantly
striving and working to produce software that is solid and dependable, with
the necessary functionality that today’s market demands to a make a
business successful,” said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO, 4D, Inc.
“With 4D v6.7.1, we are able to offer many modifications that ensure that
4D users have a powerful and stable environment for their mission critical

Both the 4D v6.7.1 maintenance list and 4D v6.7.1 Addendum can be
downloaded from the 4D, Inc. web site at: (http://www.4d.com/671).

Current 4D v6.7.x owners can download the updates free of charge at:

About 4D v6.7.x
4D Version 6.7 offers application developers a truly standard-setting,
professional suite of application and web development tools. Meticulously
engineered, 4D Version 6.7 builds upon an award-winning legacy of over
fifteen years of relational database and rapid application development
expertise providing unprecedented ease and flexibility. The rich
development and multi-threaded environment is immediately realized yielding
gratifying results through the efficiency of code-conserving components and
dynamic form creation. 4D Version 6.7 boasts new and mature web technology
along with important and riveting GUI enhancement. For those new to 4D and
for the established 4D developer, Version 6.7 offers the most compelling
development environment on the market. Here are a few of the new features
in the 4D v6.7.x product line: HTML 4.0 and CSS1, SSL, Full CGI Support,
XML, WML, Form Inheritance, dynamic forms, components, theme support,
all-new 4D Tools, automatic transportation and many new commands.

For more information on 4D v6.7.x visit (http://www.4D.com/67) or call
1.800.881.3466 opt. 3 to order now.

About 4D, Inc.
Located in San Jose, California, 4D, Inc. is the US distributor of 4th
Dimension and the 4D family of products, which has set the relational
database standard for over fifteen years. 4D, Inc., formerly ACI US, Inc.,
publishes a tightly integrated suite of professional, cross-platform
web-embedded development tools. 4D Inc is a 100 percent owned subsidiary of
4D SA, formerly ACI SA. StarNine Technologies is a 100 percent subsidiary
of 4D, Inc. StarNine publishes the award winning WebSTAR Server Suite 4.3,
a complete set of four high-performance servers in one easy to use

The URL for our new location on the web is: (http://www.4D.com)

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