Vicomsoft is excited to announce the release of version 6.8.2 of the
Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler.

The major feature of this latest release is that it allows Internet Sharing
with the latest ADSL connection types now being rolled out in the UK and
Europe in particular. Until now ADSL connections provided using USB modems
did not permit users to upgrade their connection type and continue sharing
Internet access across their network with a software router solution.
Version 6.8.2 of the Vicomsoft Internet Gateway and SurfDoubler solutions
allow business and home users respectively to take full advantage of the
high speed connection that ADSL offers, and keep all of the security,
management and control functions the software provides.

With version 6.8.2 Vicomsoft have also added:

-Improved Auto set-up with increased ability to detect and utilise existing
Ethernet configurations

-The ability to specify a connection to route through for specific
destinations, and not just use the router IP address. This enables
intelligent routing configurations via multiple dynamically addressed

Existing users of version 6.7.x and 6.8.x can UPGRADE FOR FREE at:

Users of version 6.6 and before can UPGRADE to the latest version at:

For more information about the Internet Gateway see:

For more information about on SurfDoubler:

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