Free development tool documents and analyzes FileMaker Pro projects.

PHOENIX. February 15, 2001. Ask a room full of FileMaker Pro developers what they like least about their job, and most will tell you it’s the prospect of making changes to projects with hundreds or even thousands of elements, where something as simple as deleting a single field can affect any number of layouts, calculations, relationships, and scripts.

This is a problem Vince Menanno knows all too well. As the principal of Waves in Motion, he has been working with FileMaker databases for more than a decade. “Sure, with a new project you have the time to organize everything from scratch,” he says. “But all too often I find myself called in to fix someone else’s project. Things are all over the place and there’s no documentation, or it’s a database that’s been worked on by too many different people.”

Determined to offer FileMaker Pro developers powerful tools to aid in their development efforts, Vince has drawn on this experience and developed a new, free version of Analyzer, Waves in Motion’s popular development tool that clearly and automatically documents and cross-references most every element of a FileMaker project: every field, every layout, every relationship, every value list, and every script.

“After refining the professional version of the Analyzer over the last three years,” says Vince, “We decided to create Analyzer Lite and introduce a whole new audience to hassle-free FileMaker development.”

Depending on their needs, FileMaker developers can use Analyzer Lite to generate summarized or detailed project reports. To choose one example: the detailed report for a particular field contains a list of all the layouts that include the field and every relationship that references the field. Analyzer indicates the type for each field, if a field is indexed or not, and the number of repetitions for each field.

And with all this information gathered together, cross-referenced, and formatted in a series of straightforward layouts, Analyzer Lite is also the perfect tool for documenting your projects. You can add comments anywhere in the project database generated by the Analyzer or easily export the information you need into your own reports, in plain text for printing or HTML for online documentation.

Download the Macintosh or Windows version of Analyzer Lite right now from:(http://wmotion.com/analyzerlite)

Analyzer Lite is free. Not bad for ten years of FileMaker experience!

Waves in Motion is the developer of a growing collection of FileMaker solutions and plug-ins, including Script Scheduler, oAzium Charts, DocuScript, and The Dragon Web Surveys. They are active members of the FileMaker Solution Alliance and the Apple Developer Program, and have been consulting and developing FileMaker solutions since 1990.

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