MacZoop version 2.5 has reached final candidate status. This popular and
free C++ framework for Mac development has undergone some major changes in
the last six months to keep it relevant to developers as we move forward to
OS X and Carbon.

MacZoop 2.5 includes –

* Full Carbon compatibility
* A wholly new, easy to use optional views architecture (fully theme aware)
* Greater scalability – still ideal for small projects and beginners, but
now far more capable at the high end.
* New specialised user-interface objects
* Comprehensive drag and drop support

MacZoop general features:

* Easy to learn, holistic, high-level approach to standard application
programming problems – most standard behaviours “just work”
* Simple, high level classes for common toolbox objects such as windows,
dialogs, files, GWorlds, etc.
* Command-based menu handling via classic “command chain” design
* Simple abstract internal messaging system
* Multiple Undo built in
* Small, efficient container classes
* Fully open, editable source code.

MacZoop is a free application framework which has always been aimed at
beginners to Mac programming or C++, and is ideal for small to middle-sized
projects where the complexity and learning curve of standards such as
PowerPlant or MacApp is not justified. It is supplied as full source code,
and can be used with CodeWarrior or MPW. A free mailing list for obtaining
technical help and discussing issues is also available. MacZoop source code
can be compiled unchanged for classic Mac OS (PPC or 68K) and with
CarbonLib for Mac OS 8/9 and OS X. A comprehensive manual is available.
MacZoop is provided as completely non-commercial framework for the general
benefit of the Mac community.

Full details and downloadable SDKs are accessible on the main website:

MacZoop – the framework for the rest of us