Vancouver, British Columbia, January 20, 2001 – The Mireth Technology
Corporation has release version 4.8 of the Macintosh eDocument shredder

ShredIt provides an easy, permanent way to destroy personal and
confidential information. It can be used to shred a file, a folder, or even
the free space on a disk. ShredIt overwrites the file contents, file name,
creator and type. It is permanent so be careful – there is no way for you,
us, or anyone else to recover shredded items. ShredIt is different than
just putting documents in the trash since trashed items, and their
contents, can be recovered while shredded the contents of shredded items
cannot be recovered.

Prior to version 4.8 file contents would be overwritten multiple times (as
configured by the user) but the file name was only overwritten one time.
Version 4.8 adds support for multiple overwrites of file names so that the
file name is protected to the same degree as the file contents.

ShredIt is available in English, French, German and Japanese.

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For information on the Windows version of ShredIt please see: