Hess Macworld Events Page Goes Live With a New Domain

1. Mac/Internet Consultant and Writer, Ilene Hoffman, is pleased to
announce that the Hess Memorial Macworld Events/ Party list is live!

The new url is:

Please bookmark the link, and pass it around to your user groups, and
potential Macworld Expo show goers. The web site will contain every party
and press function scheduled during Macworld Expo week in San Francisco,
Jan. 8th through January 13th. (Some events occur before and after the
actual show.) The page will be updated until January 9th.

2. Anyone who hosts an event or knows of an event is requested to please
let me know, so that it can make the list. Events can be sent to or Also, please send any special
booth information, such as contests, cool free toys, or book signings for
inclusion on the Fun Stuff to See at the Show page. Send an event and get a

3. The (NOT) the Knife Party: Due to overwhelming requests The Party
Formerly Know As … WILL be happening. Thanks to the generous
contributions from Farallon, BunchMedia, and Kagi (with software
contributed by Aladdin Systems and Proteron) this private, mythical schmooz
fest will be held the normal Thursday 10pm – 2am time. Another sponsor or
two is needed to add music and food to the event, so please contact me if
your company has any spare change!