Subject: Double Updates: FaxBee ™ 1.2 and The ZipBurst ™ 2.0 CGI beta5
From: David M. Dantowitz (

We’ve just released FaxBee 1.2, which addressed a bug with MacOS 9 and
released what is likely the final beta for The ZipBurst 2.0 CGI (Lite and

FaxBee is used to generate faxes from text messages via it’s drop box (for
any application to create) or from email messages received by the EIMS or
SIMS mail servers.


Also note that the price increase for FaxBee has been extended to Nov 30th.

The ZipBurst 2.0 CGI comes in two flavors. The Lite version lets you
serve an UNLIMITED number of databases in an unlimited number of domains.

It support searching on multiple fields, sorting on multiple fields, and
all sorts of report tags.

The latest release includes a tag that lets you change the MIME type
returned by your server to match you needs (e.g. set the return type to
“application/” to have the user’s browser save files as MS
Excel files).

The latest beta also includes an improved setup assistant.

The Pro version includes a new feature for searching by location. In
previous releases, if you were to search by location and get results by
DISTANCE, you had to enter a US Zipcode or a Canadian Postal Code. In this
release you can also enter:


or even an ABBREVIATED city name if it’s unique.

You can test out the new city feature at:

The download-able demo does not include the city, etc. searching.


As always, the ZipBurst 2.0 CGI is multithreaded (for fairness between
small database and large database requests) and is very friendly for ISPs
with shared servers.

best regards,

David Dantowitz — Dantowitz Consulting & Research, Inc.
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