Artly There Software announces the release of Compositor v1.0 for Power
Macintosh, a new $16 graphic application featuring over 120 Filter and
Channel effects, save and replay of user actions, all combined with a
unique paradigm for fast cropping and image pre-visualization to aid
artists and photographers.

Compositor features:

Over 120 Filter and Channel operations, all recordable and replayable.

Features, partial list:

Replace Color with Fuzzy Factor (neat)
Paste Into Color with Fuzzy Factor (Paste another image into only certain
colors of the target)
Crop to any proportion, fast. View any portion of image at that proportion.
Fade Undo
2 Type’s of Find Edges
5 Types of Blur + 4 types of Average
Standard Sharpen set, plus Sharpen Edges, Unsharp Mask of Zorro
Various Invert’s Flip’s etc
53 channel colorations and dismemberments
Step in Order through above
Step Random through above
Add Noise independantly to any channel, in monochrome or color
Dirty Noise
Threshold in color or black and white, via channel.
Median, what a smoothie. “Alert The Median”
Big G Filters (6)
Two types of color to grayscale conversion covering all decades of phosphor
Immersion (+ Invert = Solarize)
Equolloide (equalize on steroids)
Color Emboss
Emboss Gray, 8 angles, variable strength and by channel.
Emboss with Posterize
Chantrast, set brightness of any RGB channel.
3D Red-Blue
3D Red-Green
Multi… (Like tile)
The Patented Non-Patented Spazoid filter
Create Stars
Cell Average (like pixelate, variable)
Combo Filters for instant painterly effects.

Compositor requires a PPC Macintosh. Recommend system 7.5 or higher,
Quicktime 3.0 or higher for image importing, and 16 MB RAM , more for large
images. Compositor will more than likely choke on files the size of Mt.
Everest. May wish to leave those for other applications.

About the Author:
Robert Covington is also the author of Tween Machine , a keyframe animator
for Poser 1.0 , way back in the days before time began. He has a sense of


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