From: Brian S Hall (
Subject: ‘Blugs’ (List Manager replacement) 1.0b2

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Blugs 1.0b2, a
replacement for the Mac OS List Manager.

This new version incorporates numerous bug fixes and enhancements. For
example, now Blugs can use temporary memory when allocating GWorlds. Users
will appreciate better flexibility under limited-memory conditions, or if
using a large monitor. There are only minor API changes. (They relate to
the temp memory option.)

But most importantly, in addition to the PPC and 68K libraries, we
introduce the Carbon library. We believe Blugs will serve you well, from
System 7 to Mac OS X.

Blugs libraries, sample code, and extensive PDF documentation are available
for download from:

Brian ‘Moses’ Hall
Blugs lead programmer