Available immediately at http://abDataTools.com, db Reports has made the
following changes since version 2.1:

– Fixed bug with postgreSQL source selection.
– Removed Primebase source… will be added back once it works properly.
– Data source with no records no longer gives zero width fields in report
– Expressions can now properly contain a negative numeric constant

Full Description:

Database report writing application for the Macintosh that supports the
following data sources: 4DServer 6.5, ODBC, OpenBase, Oracle, postgreSQL,
REAL Database, and Valentina.The program has an automatic report generator.

By default, report templates are saved as XML files, but they can be
encoded and optionally password protected. Protected files can be previewed
and printed, but not edited.

REALbasic developers can include and print pre-made reports with their

Aaron Bratcher
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