PR: Griffin annouces CubePort serial port for G4 Cubes

Nashville, TN – September 15, 2000

Griffin Technology, Inc. today annouced the CubePort universal serial port
adapter for G4 Cubes. The CubePort opens an entire world of standard serial
adapters to G4 Cube users. The CubePort, like the Griffin iPorts and
gPorts, supports all serial device that are compatible with Mac OS systems.
The CubePort also supports all Mac compatible Midi devices. Additionally it
supports Localtalk file sharing and printing. “You will now be able use any
Mac compatible serial device with your G4 Cube”, says Paul Griffin, CEO of
Griffin Technology Inc.

At a MSRP of $49.00 the Cube Port offers a great solution for G4 cube
owners. The CubePort will ship in the first week of October. The CubePort
supports all Mac compatible serial and Localtalk printers, Midi devices,
modems, lab equipment, serial tablets, and serial cameras.

More information about the CubePort can be found at

About Griffin Technology, Inc.:
Since 1992, Griffin Technology has been an innovator of exciting hardware
and software products for the Mac market. Griffin currently manufactures
numerous innovative video, audio, and USB adapters for the Mac. They also
maintain the world’s largest database of monitor specifications at

For Reseller, VAR, and OEM pricing, Griffin Technology, Inc. can be reached
at (615) 255-1990 or by fax at (615) 255-8040. For further information
check the Griffin web site at