Aladdin Systems Ships PowerTicker 2.0 Software – Portfolio Manager and Email
Alerts Help Users to Manage Their Investments

PowerTicker 2.0 Introduces Portfolio Management, Customizable Email Based
Alerts, and Includes Automatically Updated Stock, Mutual Fund, Index, And
Currency Data Delivered to a Desktop Ticker From Exchanges Around
The World

WATSONVILLE, Calif., Sept. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Aladdin Systems, Inc., a
wholly owned subsidiary of Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin
Board: ALHI), today announced the release of PowerTicker(TM) 2.0, an
Internet information utility that helps users track and manage their
investments. PowerTicker is a specialized Web browser that gathers
information from financial web sites around the world, parsing the data and
displaying it to the user in the form of a scrolling ticker bar.

PowerTicker combines two powerful tools; the fully customizable ticker bar
delivers automatically updated stock quotes directly to the user’s desktop,
while the new personal portfolio manager takes this information and uses it
to calculate the performance of their investments.

The portfolio manager calculates the gain or loss for each of the
individual securities held, based on the number of shares held, and the
original purchase price, and then summarizes this information to provide
performance data for the portfolio as a whole. The interface can also be
configured to show performance data based on the previous day’s closing
price. PowerTicker allows the user to manage multiple portfolios at once,
and each portfolio can be sub-divided into user-defined categories. A
simple drag and drop interface makes it easy to quickly build a detailed
portfolio containing both stocks and mutual funds. The portfolio even
allows the user to manage stocks traded in different currencies. The
PowerTicker portfolio also provides users with the most secure way to track
their investments.

“Security and privacy are major concerns for today’s Internet investors,”
said Matthew Covington, PowerTicker product manager. “With PowerTicker your
personal financial information stays on your machine, and can even be
password protected.”

One of the most powerful features offered by PowerTicker is its fully
customizable system of alerts. Based on a number of configurable
parameters, including “Above Amount,” “Below Amount,” “Percentage Gain,”
and “Percentage Loss,” PowerTicker will notify the user when their
specified alert condition has been triggered. For users with a particularly
large portfolio PowerTicker also includes a global alert system that
removes the need to individually configure alerts for all holdings.

PowerTicker has visual alerts, sound alarms and email alerts to ensure the
user never misses an investing opportunity. Taking advantage of the growing
number of wireless devices, PowerTicker can be configured to send email
stock alerts to a digital phone, pager, or hand-held computer with Internet

PowerTicker New Features and Benefits:

— Portfolio Manager provides information about the current price and
tracks changes in the value of holdings of a particular stock. This new
feature calculates the current value, the change in percentage and monetary
gain/loss. A password-protected security feature ensures investing privacy.

— Sound, visual and email alerts can be triggered when a stock or fund
changes (amount is user-specified). This allows users to concentrate on
other tasks at hand while not missing any hot opportunities or market

— News headlines for securities being tracked can now be viewed in the
detailed report window, allowing users to investigate the reasons behind
market fluctuations.

— Track currency conversions for investments in worldwide markets. The
portfolio manager allows users to track holdings in a variety of currencies
while converting the value of these holdings back into a base currency to
be included in the portfolio summary.

— A new summary window lets investors view the contents of the ticker bar
(all stocks, funds and indices) as a list, keeping all tracked items in
view at one time.

— Users can create multiple tickers (up to 16) to display their financial
information. These tickers can be configured down to the level of
individual stocks, funds, indices, or currencies providing the user with
maximum flexibility regarding how information is displayed to them on the

— Over 25 exchanges worldwide are supported, so users can keep abreast of
their investments all over the world.

— Control Strip module allows quote display in the Control Strip in five
to ten second intervals.

Pricing and Availability

PowerTicker is $29.95 and is available directly from Aladdin and select
retailers. Version 2.0 is a $9.95 paid upgrade to previous MacTicker
owners. To download PowerTicker, go to: . Before registration, PowerTicker
will run full-featured for a fifteen-minute demo period. Users can register
their copy from Aladdin’s online store at ,
or contact Aladdin customer service at 831-761-6200, or

System Requirements

PowerTicker requires a PowerPC-based Macintosh computer running System 8.1
or higher, with 6 MB of RAM, Internet Config (or the Internet control panel
under Mac OS 8.5 and later), and an Internet connection.

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