Switzerland–August 29th, 2000–Blue Line Studios today announced the
release of TextBroom 3.0 for Macintosh. The application helps you
processing text effortlessly providing smart search & replace functions.

“TextBroom is truly indispensable for people who often have to deal with
nightmarish text files,” Daniel C. Kueng, president of Blue Line Studios,
said, “one of those sophisticated helpers that make life so much easier.”

The trial version can be used for 24 times; it can be unlocked to the full
version by registering for US$20.00.

Fixes and additions with regard to the old version 2.5 include:
– Texts exceeding the 32KB limit could not be displayed. This limit exists
no longer.
– An Undo/Redo function has been implemented.
– The app can now display hidden characters (e. g. spaces, tabs, and returns).
– The function “Remove Duplicates from list” has been accelerated by factor
50. In addition, any custom cell delimiter can be specified.
– The app is now able to run from a locked volume such as a CD-ROM.
– About 90% of the code has been completely re-written. All search and
replace routines are now speed-improved.
– Lengthy processes with large files can now be cancelled.
– Onscreen help tips have been improved.
– A 68K version is also available.
-TextBroom can write TEXT-files using any chosen creator code.
– Overall facelift.
– TextBroom has been tested by a team of 24 beta testers and was found to
be stable.

The product homepage is at http://www.blueline-studios.com/tcMain.html A
detailed list of its features is available at
http://www.blueline-studios.com/tcFeat.html Download and registering at
http://www.blueline-studios.com/tcDown.html Press info at

ATTENTION: The old download file will be renamed!
http://www.blueline-studios.com/TB.sit.hqx will no longer be valid; the new
file containing TextBroom 3 will be at
http://www.blueline-studios.com/TB3.sit.bin The 68K version at

Contact: Daniel C. Kueng

Hueningerst 18
CH-4056 Basel

Phone: ++41 61 322 5355
Fax: ++41 61 322 5355
E-Mail: studio@blueline-studios.com
Web: www.blueline-studios.com