Free Your Information:
BIAP Systems Introduces go’trieve

Chuck Shotton, Award-Winning Creator of WebSTAR and MacHTTP Launches His
New Vision for the Internet

Leesburg, VA, August 29, 2000 – BIAP Systems, Inc., today announced the
release of the go’trieve platform. BIAP’s revolutionary new desktop portal
product delivers customized, updated personal information to end-users,
creating a dynamic, personalized Internet experience with complete privacy
and security.

BIAP go’trieve is available for download in Lite (free), Standard ($39 US)
and Pro ($99 US) versions for Win95, 98, 2000 and NT; for Macintosh
(PPC,68K; MacOS version 8.1 or higher); and soon, go’trieve for Linux (x86
Linux, LinuxPPC) from .

“Users can no longer cope with the enormous amount of information available
on the Internet. We’ve designed go’trieve to alleviate this information
overload by helping users turn content from millions of Web sites into
their own personalized portal,” said Chuck Shotton, founder and CEO of BIAP
Systems, Inc. “By adding the peer-to-peer functionality missing from
browsers and traditional portal services, go’trieve users can share this
customized view of the Internet with their friends.”

Using exclusive intelligent agent-based technology, go’trieve can identify
and collect data from any of the 2 billion web pages that populate the
Internet (“Sizing the Internet,” Cyveillance, July 2000). This next
generation peer-to-peer communication tool frees users from the limitations
of centralized information services by enabling a customized Internet
experience on the desktop.

“BIAP’s go’trieve product promises to revolutionize the way we all interact
with our computers and the Internet,” said Martin Haeberli, an advisor to
Internet startups who led technology strategy at Netscape Communications

“With go’trieve, you create your own personal content view building on
content anywhere in the Web,” Haeberli explained, “Update your site as
often as you want, include as much information as desired from any site,
and publish it to the destinations of your choice, all from your desktop. I
believe go’trieve will create a radical transformation in how people use
the web by enabling breakthrough, proactive custom views to be delivered
anywhere at any time.”

BIAP go’trieve removes the need to manually visit dozens of scattered web
sites to search for information.

“With go’trieve’s ability to consolidate information into a common format,
Web users have a tool unlike anything else available on the web today,”
Shotton continued. “The ability to collect and use precisely the
information you need, in the form you want, is finally here in a tool that
anyone can use on their desktop computer.”

BIAP go’trieve offers users total customization of chosen information and
increases productivity in an easy-to-install format offering three key

o go’trieve provides complete privacy. Users can safely retrieve
information from the Web and never worry about leaving behind an electronic
trail. All data is stored and used locally and the user’s privacy and
security is assured. o go’trieve’s “Intelligent-Agent based” technology is
point-and-click. Users can begin creating a personalized portal and share
it with a friend or co-worker instantly using a familiar browser-based
interface. o go’trieve works with any publicly available Internet content,
not just the pre-selected choices that most on-line sites offer.

Download the power of go’trieve from and free your

About BIAP Systems, Inc.
Since 1987, BIAP Systems, Inc., has designed software that changes the way
we think about, access, and manage information. Its flagship product,
go’trieve uses intelligent agent-based technology to deliver total,
dynamic control of how users get and use information from the Internet.
BIAP Systems has previously developed MacHTTP, named MacWeek’s 1995
Shareware Product of the Year, and BIAP WebSTAR, the 1996 MacUser Software
Product of the Year.

BIAP Systems ( is headquartered in Leesburg, VA, and is backed
by funding from SCP Private Equity Partners, a Safeguard Scientifics fund
(NYSE: SFE), Pennsylvania Early Stage Partners, Schoffstall Ventures, and
CIP Capital Management Partners. For more information, email