Subject: [ANN] vServe 1.3 now available
From: Aaron Bratcher (

– Added movePrevious and reset (move to first record) commands
– Fixed create table bug. Now Valentina ObjectPtr type works
e.g.: create table tester (personPtr vObjectPtr(people,kv_setnull))

A demo that quits after 2 hours and has a sample database and client is
available at

Full Description: Program for REALbasic developers that allows them to
share Valentina databases among multiple tcp/ip clients. Allows use of
standard SQL commands not normally available with Valentina. (insert,
insert … select, delete, update, create table, drop table) Tested on
Macintosh. Demo includes a sample client application and database. Server
will quit after 2 hours of use. Full source given with purchase.