From: Ken (
Subject: CP_IconEdit 2.5 released

ksoft is pleased to announce the release of CP_IconEdit 2.5.

CP_IconEdit is a visual image editor for editing MacOS icons (icon suites,
cicn, icns with 32bit and huge 48×48 icons), and Windows .ICO icons. In
addition CP_IconEdit enables the conversion between MacOS and Windows .ICO

In addition to icons, CP_IconEdit will import / create and edit MacOS
pictures and Windows .bmp files along with other file types that QuickTime
can import/export.

This latest version adds
Support for Mac OSX ‘icns’ (128×128 thumbnail icons)
Fixes bugs
Improves copy and paste from Photoshop images.

CP_IconEdit is available as shareware for $20. Full details on CP_IconEdit
can be found at: