From: Ron Avitzur (
Subject: Graphing Calculator 1.2


I’ve posted Graphing Calculator 1.2 Beta 10 at

New features:
* Text
* Open/Save documents
* Multiple document windows
* Save As HTML
* 1.2 acts as a helper application for GC documents posted to the web
* Symbolic summations
* Integrals
* Ability to change the 3D background color
* Ability to define functions and variables symbolically
* Ability to copy and paste formulas as plain text
* Equations now line-break and scroll
* Correct handling of fractional powers
* Bessel functions
* Floor & ceiling functions
* Piecewise defined functions

I would appreciate any comments you have on this version.

Note on version numbering:
Currently, Version 1.1 is the free version bundled with MacOS. Version 2.7 is
the latest commercial release for Macintosh. Version 1.2 is an update to 1.1.

Best regards,

Ron Avitzur