Announcing XML Engine 1.0

XML Engine is a set of classes which makes analysis, manipulation and
creation of XML and HTML possible.

You can find information about XML Engine and a demo from the url below.
The demo shows the XML Tree Structure editor/viewer, and an “index file
editor”, which is a simple example of XML Engine in use.



– Elegant design, fast on render, parse and entity mapping.

– XML data created on parsing source is tree based and object orientated.

– Many methods. Extensive manipulation / analysis abilities, including very
extensive sorting.

– RAM efficient. Light on properties and allows turning only certain tags
into objects saving memory on large source.

– Can Render and Parse both HTML and XML. HTML is actually “Bad” XML,
because XML tags must be closed, but many HTML tags are not closed by

– Support for empty tags, comments, and entities.

– Parse error logging and optional “loose” parsing. Any XML source errors
can be logged and the parse can be aborted or parse can recover from the
source error.

– Extensive XML Structure and XML Property editor / viewer windows makes
analysing your code’s output simpler.

– Developer support. I will add feature requests that seem reasonable, such
as XML Schema support.

Price: $50 non-commercial
$125 commercial
$80 upgrade non commercial to commercial

Theodore H.Smith – (