From: Faustino Forcen (
Subject: Abstrakt releases iMago 1.0.2

Abstrakt has released today the latest version of iMago, its image manager
for the MacOS version of FileMaker Pro. iMago is a set of external
functions that allows users to create thumbnails for the most popular image
formats including PICT, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, EPSF, Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia
FreeHand, Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXPress.

The functions included on iMago not only allow developers and users to
create thumbnails for any image stored on any of these graphic formats, but
also to obtain information about the original image, such as format, size,
width and heigth, filename and even the full path to the original file.

Other utilities allow users to launch the original file or simply reveal it
on the Finder. You can even change the file creator and kind directly from
FileMaker Pro.

This version of iMago includes, along with other sample files, a FileMaker
5 solution that shows how to use iMago to automate the publishing with
QuarkXPress. Using an AppleScript to tie the process, users will learn how
to export data generated by FMP and iMago and how to tell QuarkXPress to
import the images.

iMago is fully compatible with both version 4 and 5 of FileMaker Pro for MacOS.

About Abstrakt
Abstrakt is a blender of fine code and solutions for Macintosh since the
beginning of the nineties. Located in Spain, the solutions delivered by
Abstrakt range from small systems using off-the-shelf software to complex
C++ applications delivered to (and used by) hundreds. You can get more
information about Abstrakt and its products at (

Faustino Forcen