IncWell DMG, Ltd., in association with Solutions Etcetera, announced today the availability of Standalone Maker 3.6.2, a free update to one of the components of their high level multimedia and rapid application development tool. The new version is available via download to registered users of versions 3.5 or higher.

Standalone Maker offers SuperCard User’s the capability to build complete standalone applications from there SuperCard projects, as well as the ability to secure their projects’ scripts from prying eyes in both applications and projects designed to be delivered for use with the freely available SuperCard Player. This new version improves speed in building secured projects and standalones by up to 1000%.

“With the addition of the new script encryption mechanism in this version, it is now possible for us to also make an editable version of Standalone Maker available to those developers who wish to customize the application for their own use. This is something we have had many requests for, and it will be made available as an update to users of the SuperCard Internals Toolbox”, said Scott Simon, Director of Product Development for IncWell.

Standalone Maker is a component of SuperCard 3.6, which is available directly from Solutions Etcetera. New customers can purchase SuperCard for US$144.95. Users of versions 2.x through 3.0x can upgrade to version 3.6 for US$99.95. Site licenses of 10 or more seats are also available at reduced cost.

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