****** June 28, 2000

***** Funnel Web 4 and Funnel Web Enterprise now available ********

Active Concepts, the leading provider of powerful, multi-platform,
e-business intelligence solutions today released the newest version of its
flagship product, Funnel Web and Funnel Web Enterprise. Funnel Web is
available for download from http://www.activeconcepts.com/download.html

New features of Funnel Web 4.0 include: Incremental analysis, new generation
GUI, PDF output, glossary, multi-site log retrieval, and support for virtual
domains and streaming media analysis, including support for Apple’s
QuickTime Streaming media server. Further information on Funnel Web 4.0 is
available from Active Concepts Web site at http://www.activeconcepts.com

Funnel Web 4.0 is available for MacOS 7.6 or above, Windows 95/98/NT/2000,
MacOS. Funnel Web Enterprise has a retail price of $1199 U.S. and and Funnel
Web 4.0 $399. Upgrades to version 4.0 are free to anyone who purchased after
January 1, 2000.