Stick Software has rolled out version 2.2 of PhotoReviewer (, a photo management tool for Mac OS X. PhotoReviewer helps you flip though your photos, choosing which ones are “keepers” and which aren’t, sorting them into different folders and renaming them. The new version is now a 64-bit app.

You can compare your images side by side, use the histogram tool to analyze their exposure and contrast, and examine them with the magnifier tool to check their sharpness and focus. PhotoReviewer 2.2 requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.

PhotoReviewer 2.2 adds a number of improvements and features. In-memory downscaling of the reviewed images makes the software take less memory and perform even better when reviewing large images.

PhotoReviewer now has more help for judging the exposure of your photos, with tinting of over-exposed and under-exposed pixels, and a display of the percentage of pixels with exposure problems. With version 2.2, movable horizontal and vertical rules can be overlaid on your images to check whether the horizon is level, buildings are vertical, etc.

PhotoReviewer joins Stick Software products such as Eyeballs, Fracture, and Constrictor. It is shareware with a price of US$15. A demo is available for download.