PDF StartUp: PDF documents opened automatically

J2S, a software company specialized in multimedia and asset-management
developments, announces the release of PDF StartUp.

PDF StartUp is an “autorun” application designed to automatically open a
PDF document located on a CD-ROM when it is inserted into a computer. PDF
StartUp first checks the presence of Acrobat and installs Acrobat Reader
when necessary. The selected PDF document is then automatically displayed
on screen.

This programme is intended to invite the recipients of multimedia
operations to actually read the content of the documents that are addressed
to them.

PDF StartUp consists of two versions so that it can work indifferently on
computers running MacOS or Windows.

For example, PDF StartUp is used on the digital catalogues produced by Luc
Douche, a senior consultant in digital information systems for the
Etablissements Lafarge, one of France’s major company in the building

The complete user documentation can be downloaded from our web site at

If you would like to know more about our PDF StartUp, please contact us at