Ekim Software releases MailCall 1.6.1 – e-mail notification software to
keep you informed of the status of your mailboxes

Ekim Software – 5/24/2000 – Ekim Software announces an update of their
popular e-mail notification software, MailCall.

MailCall is an e-mail notification application. While running, MailCall
preforms periodic checks of your account(s) and notifies you when new mail
has arrived or when you have mail in your box. MailCall has many options
that allow you to customize its behavior so it fits your needs. MailCall
can be especially useful for people who use e-mail a lot and don’t want to
keep a large application, such as Outlook Express, open in the background
hogging your RAM and CPU time. MailCall will notify you when mail has
arrived in any of your accounts and then you can launch your favorite
e-mail application with the click of a button and go fetch that new mail.
Both POP3 and IMAP4 protocols are supported in MailCall.

Version 1.6.1 adds the ability to have MailCall hide itself on launch. This
is a feature that has been requested and is very useful for users who place
MailCall in their Startup Items folder. This version also allows standard
“Select All” functionality in the password field of the POP3 account setup
window and in all fields of the IMAP account setup window. Upgrades to
version 1.6 are free to registered users and only $12 for new users.

MailCall can be downloaded from the Ekim Software web site:


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