May 22, 2000

YENCO.COM is proud to introduce the Tangerine Agenda for Mac – Version 1.0.
The Agenda is a different kind of personal calendar. It is a round, virtual
device which enables you to digitally record and play back voice reminders
using a simple interface.

The Agenda is fully Date & Time control panel aware and Year 2000
compliant. It is also fully compatible with Mac OS 9 and makes a great
companion to any iMac.

The Agenda comes with a virtual battery pre-installed which is good for 30
trials of the device. The battery can be recharged by purchasing a recharge
code for the low price of $15 (US). Once the battery is recharged it will
no longer run down.

The Agenda is now available for download in Blueberry, Strawberry, Lime,
and Tangerine and YENCO.COM will be rolling out new colors over the next
two weeks. For more information about the Agenda please visit:

Mike Yenco