San Jose, CA – Michael Amorose today released Goo Library 1.5, a free
programming library designed to help assist Macintosh developers in porting
their software to the Carbon programming interface.

Goo Library is an extensive Carbon Macintosh programming library that
provides many useful functions for Macintosh software developers. Libraries
are provided in PowerPC binary format compatible with CodeWarrior Beta
Tools for Mac OS X.

Version 1.5 of Goo Library offers these new enhancements:

– Goo Library is now fully Carbonized.

– Carbon wrapper API routines for replacing existing multiple Carbon
Macintosh toolbox calls with a single wrapper call.

– FireWire Utilities compatible with the Apple FireWire SDK 2.3.3.

– USB Utilities compatible with the Apple USB SDK 1.3.5

– Full online and downloadable HTML documentation.

Developers can download the free library from the web at

Goo Library 1.5 is freely distributable if unmodified and all files
accompany any distribution.

Contact info:

Michael Amorose