Now, with the release of “Visual Projector 2” Macintosh users have a
shareware alternative to version control systems with an intuitive
interface. With Version 2, VCS databases can be created and manipulated,
files can be checked in, out and shaken about in a intuitive manner. Visual
Projector is a user interface for Apples SourceServer which is freely
available from Apples web site.

This release opens the world of source control via SourceServer to those
outside of the programming fraternity. VisualProjector can be used easily
for source management of web sites, word processor documents, spreadsheets,

Visual Projector allows users of Apples MPW Projector and SourceServer to
examine the status of files on disk and within projector databases.
Filtering of files makes it easy to see which ones aren’t under project
control. The filtered display of projector databases highlights which files
already under version control are checked out and to whom.

Current Features include
Display and filter disk files by ckid status.
Launch files from Visual Projector
Display of files and their status in any ProjectorDB.
Display and filter Projector databases recursively.
Creation of VCS database.
Full file check in / check out.
VCS Headers added automatically to source code.
Addition of new files automatically creates the VCS hierarchy.
Checking out files automatically creates the directory on disk.

For further information check the online documentation at


Visual Projector is a $30 shareware application. It can be included free of
charge on shareware CD-ROMs but the complete package must be included and
the author should be notified.

Download application and documentation from:

Alternatively Visual Projector should appear on the Info-Mac archives soon.

Caerwyn Pearce
CPTech (Southern) Ltd