Escape Information Services ( is pleased to announce
the immediate availability of the DICOM Import component for QuickTime and
its associated Software Development Kit (SDK), version 1.1, both available
for the Mac and Windows platforms.

New in version 1.1
– Images in DICOMDIR files are now accessible
– Non-image data in DICOM files are now accessible
– Data in DICOM files with no images are accessible
– Additional image variants are supported

About DICOM Import
DICOM Import is a new QuickTime component that works on both Mac and
Windows, and enhances QuickTime-savvy applications with the ability to
import medical images that conform to the DICOM standard. DICOM files are
being produced by all major radiology systems, such as CT and NMR imagers.
DICOM Import currently supports a wide subset of the DICOM standard, such as:

– single and multiple image files
– compressed (lossy & lossless JPEG; RLE) and uncompressed
– indexed and direct, monochrome and RGB, 8 and 16 bit pixel depth
– support for images in DICOMDIR files
– DICOM files with no image data
– API access to DICOM non-image data

Moreover, the following useful features are available:

– conversion of multi-frame DICOM files to QuickTime movies
– individual access of frames in multi-frame files
(if the calling application supports it)
– URL importing of DICOM files
– embedding of DICOM images in web browsers

System requirements:

– MacOS: PowerMacintosh computers with QuickTime 4 (or later)
– Windows: PC with Windows 9x/NT4 and QuickTime 4 (or later)

Software Development Kit
The DICOM Import SDK contains all necessary information on how to use DICOM
Import and the QuickTime API to access non-image data in DICOM files.
Access to the data is provided by exploiting the QT Atom architecture.
Developers only need to use existing QuickTime API calls; no knowledge of
DICOM is required. The DICOM Import SDK is available free of charge from
our download site.

A higher-level API in the form of a plug-in is under preparation for the
ACI 4th Dimension line.

Information, Try & Buy
All information concerning DICOM Import can be found at our DICOM subsite:

We invite prospective byers to download and test the product before
purchase. When not supplied with a valid serial number, the installer
places a demo version of DICOM Import. The demo version is fully functional
except for a message that is placed on top of the images during display.

DICOM Import v1.1 is priced at $135 per machine. Volume discounts are
available and OEM inquiries are welcome.

Owners of previous versions can upgrade to v1.1 free of charge, and use
their existing serial numbers to install the new version.

About Escape
Escape Information Services, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, is the maker of
sophisticated cross-platform developer tools such as code libraries and
software components, including the leading multimedia plug-ins for 4th