Netopia Inc. is pleased to announce the Preview Release of a new generation
of Remote Control software:


We are inviting you to preview this Beta version, and provide us with
feedback based on your experience.

Timbuktu Pro 2000 includes the following features:

Direct Dial Modem Connection
Supporting all virtually all modems, DSL, ISDN, PCMCIA and USB
Windows-to-Mac Direct connect with Timbuktu Pro for Mac OS 5.2
Direct TAPI integration
Smart Dial for prefixes, suffixes, calling card numbers and more!

Cross-platform Universal licensing
Win 9x
Win NT
Win 2000

Complete Internet Communications
Internet Locator Service
LDAP support
Text chat
Instant messaging
Voice intercom

Improved speed with our patented remote control technology

This Preview Release and additional information is available for download

Jeff Porter
Vice President
Netopia Software Product Marketing