From: Paul Kaiser (
Subject: TIFFScript for AppleScripters now Available

Powerful Script Brings TIFF Information to AppleScripters
GoodBuddy Software releases TIFF Script, part of the Image Scripts collection.

Effingham, Illinois, USA — 24 Feb 2000 — GoodBuddy Software today
announced the release of TIFFScript, an easy-to-use tool for analyzing TIFF
image file tags from any AppleScript.

What is TIFFScript?

TIFFScript is a standalone AppleScript that is run from inside
developers’ own scripts.

Developers can use TIFFScript to investigate all properties of TIFF
files, straight from their own scripts. Some of the more important
properties include:
— Color Space
— Resolution (Both Horizontal and Vertical)
— Pixel Size (Both Horizontal and Vertical)
— Physical Size (Both Horizontal and Vertical)
— Compression Type
— And Anything else at all in the TIFF file

Before TIFFScript, AppleScripters needing even basic information about TIFF
files had no options. To support TIFFs, it would require reading the entire
TIFF specification — and understanding it! Now, TIFF handling is just a
script away.

TIFFScript is US$19 shareware. It is available from the GoodBuddy Software
web site and all major Macintosh shareware ftp sites as a full-featured,
run-only script. By registering the product, scripters will receive a
non-annoyance version of the script (no registration reminders.) The source
script is also available for US$59.

System Requirements

Any Apple Macintosh or other computer running MacOS System 8.1 or later,
with AppleScript installed.


TIFFScript is available now, and may be downloaded through our Web site at:

To pay for TIFFScript or obtain the source script, go to:

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