Codenautics Software is proud to announce version 1.7 of Meshwork, the
premier 3D trimesh modeling application for MacOS.

This release introduces an important new feature: “pinned-mode texture
mapping,” which allows the user to have complete control over the texture
coordinates for every point in the 3D model. This allows artists to make
more efficient use of texture memory by combining the textures for several
different parts of the model into one image.

Previously, Meshwork users who needed this level of control were forced to
use a third-party texturing application as a post-processing step. This was
cumbersome, and often meant repeating the texture mapping work whenever the
geometry changed. With the new pinned-mode texture mapping of Meshwork 1.7,
artists can meet all their texture mapping needs within one modeling
program. Meshwork can now be used to produce the type of models used such
games as Quake and The Sims, with a smooth, integrated workflow and no
repeated work.

Meshwork is a 3D modeling program designed especially for high-speed,
efficient models for use in games, on the web, and in other realtime 3D
applications. It features powerful geometry tools such as lathing and
extrusion, both automatic and manual texture mapping options, and import
and export in a variety of common 3D formats. It has received rave reviews
from users, and perfect ratings from both Tucows and
Meshwork is shareware (US$30), and available in English, Dutch, French, and

For more information, see the Meshwork home page: