From: Richard Wesley (
Subject: [Ann] CWProjector 3.3 and CWCVS 2.2 released

For immediate release.

Electric Fish, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of new versions of
our CodeWarrior version control plug-ins CWProjector and CWCVS. CWProjector
(( provides a complete
GUI interface for the Apple SourceServer tool from inside the CodeWarrior
IDE and is is ideal for small shops, students and shareware developers.
(( integrates the full power
of the cross-platform CVS version control system into the CodeWarrior IDE
and is a great choice for cross-platform development efforts.

For version 3.3, CWProjector has added database retry logic and now allows
copying of check in comments. CWCVS 2.2 sports a new comment command and
adds support the Finder coloring feature originally in CWProjector. Various
small bugs have also been fixed in both plug-ins.

The plug-ins are bundled together as shareware and priced at US$20 for a
single user license. Both Educational and site licenses are also available.

Electric Fish, Inc. is a small software development consultancy in Seattle.
You can visit us on the web at

For more information, please contact Richard Wesley

– rmgw