Press Release – File Clerk 1.06

Release date: 26/1/2000

Black Cat File Clerk for Mac

A new shareware program – Black Cat File Clerk – is now available to make
deleting, renaming, moving or copying Mac files simplicity itself.
Available for download from and costing only $35
(approximately 20) to register, this utility uses a simple listing of
source and destination allowing you to click and select a file or group of
files and handle them however you wish without having to use the Mac Finder.
Black Cat File Clerk facilities include:
– File Copy.
– File Move.
– File Rename.
– File Delete.
– File Find.
– Display File or Folder Information.
– Create New Folders.
– Show Hidden Files.
– Set & Edit Hidden File Flags.

The downloadable Black Cat File Clerk’ allows you to evaluate the software
for 30 days in one hour sessions. It comes complete with a User Guide PDF
written in plain English and a registration program via Kagi which allows
you to pay by credit card on-line or by post.

Download from:

New in 1.06
– handles volumes with no Desktop Folder. – enhanced icon rendering.

About the author:
27 year old James Savage, BSc Hons in Business Computer Systems and
Computing, is a dedicated Mac User and experienced programmer. He is a
system administrator and freelance web designer. Black Cat File Clerk was
conceived and created to speed and simplify his own work and he now offers
it to fellow Mac users around the world.
File Clerk is made with REALbasic.

Further information from:
James Savage