Marathon 2 Source Code Released

CHICAGO – January 17, 2000 – Today at 7 pm CST Bungie Software releases the
Mac source code for their classic game “Marathon 2: Durandal” to the net.
This game represented the pinnacle of first-person shooter technology in
1995, and was the most successful of the highly-acclaimed Marathon series.

Programmers only need apply: the code is in MPW format (Macintosh
Programmers Workshop, which can be freely downloaded at, and because various components had to be removed
before public release, devising some workarounds will be necessary before
the code will compile. Nevertheless, for those with the skills to
manipulate it, the code can form the basis of all kinds of 3D, first-person
perspective games, and we look forward to seeing what is done with it.

The code is being released under the terms of the GNU public license, and
Bungie does not offer technical support with the code. More information can
be found in the ReadMe that accompanies it. The download can be found at and a gzipped version
Bungie Software
voice: 312.397.0500

350 W. Ontario, 7th Floor
Chicago, IL 60610