Sync Different! Soft Synthesis with CellSynth=8A

CellSynth 1.5 – Press Release, London, 1st October 2001

=2E..The emergence of several software based synthesisers shows that the tim=
is right for this sort of development but nothing currently on the market
covers as many bases as comprehensively as CellSynth…

Living Memory today introduced CellSynth exclusively for the Mac. CellSynth
addresses several main areas in computer music, notably audio synthesis,
sample manipulation, audio processing and automation sequencing.

CellSynth is unusual in catering for both musical beginner and expert
alike. The program is easy and intuitive to use, with an on-line manual,
tutorial and support. Synthesis experts will be immediately at home and
able to create new sounds quicker than ever. All output can be recorded to
disk for use in other software such as VST, Logic or Digital Performer.
Modelling classic analogue and digital synthesisers has never been so easy.

Best of all it’s Shareware! Available immediately as a download from

The Power to Create…
Underneath the deceptively simple looking interface lurks incredible power
and flexibility. The Cells are the building blocks that can create sounds
which are limited only by your imagination and creativity. Create familiar
sounds such as that of traditional analogue synths following the methods
used since the beginning of electronic sound synthesis.

But why stop there… add samples, either used traditionally, as you would
in a sampler, or apply any of CellSynth’s many DSP cells such as
low-pass/band pass filters, comb filters, mixers, panners, phasors, delays,
vocoder, reverbs and envelopes. Anything is possible.

Powerful MIDI support allows real-time control over CellSynth from any
MIDIController, or the built-in Automation Sequencer can be used to
sequence controller events, allowing automated mixes and effects. CellSynth
can also be synced to clock to allow it to be used as part of a larger MIDI

This all adds up to a program that really does have the power to
createwhatever your imagination can dream up!

Key Features

Unique, powerful, friendly and intuitive user interface. Easy and fun to
use even if you’re not familiar with making computer based music.
Unparalleled implementation of sample looping, modulation and multiple
sample loops. Synchronised playback of audio samples, with the ability to
instantly tune loops to tempo.
Unique sample modulation function.
Powerful DSP effects including any combination of reverb, delays, envelopes
and resonant filters.
All the features of a large modular analogue synthesiser, LFOs,
oscillators, filters, envelopes (ADSR), noise generators, random (sample
and hold) generators and mixing modules.
Audio samples, oscillators, envelopes, ‘sample and hold’ generators and
delays can be synchronised to internal or external (MIDI) beat clock.
Harmonic additive oscillators with up to 32 user specified harmonics.
Full real time MIDI control of virtually all parameters.
Self-contained automation sequencer allows you to compose songs and
automate controllers entirely within CellSynth.
CD Quality playback and real time recording to hard disk.
Can be used ‘live’ as a synth with simultaneous playback and real time
mixing of sample loops.
Works with your favourite sequencer.
CellSynth can and has been used to create entire compositions.

CellSynth is shareware and available as a download from
for use with PowerPC Macintosh systems with Mac OS8.6 or better. The faster
the Mac the more CellSynth can do!

Living Memory
CellSynth is a new kind of real-time music tool created by Living Memory, a
specialist Mac audio software developer based in the UK.