PowerMail 2.4v7 now released to the public

We are pleased to announce that PowerMail version 2.4v7 has been released
in time for TELECOM ’99 – Geneva, Switzerland. A 30 day demo version, which
can be upgraded at any time to a full release, is downloadable from:
http://powermail.simplenet.com/PowerMail_installer.hqx (4572k) or
http://powermail.simplenet.com/PowerMail_installer.bin (3363k)

A 2.4v7 updater is available for current owners of PowerMail 2.4v6 at:

http://powermail.simplenet.com/PowerMail_2.4v7_updater.hqx (583k) or
http://powermail.simplenet.com/PowerMail_2.4v7_updater.bin (430k)

Additional download sites, as well links to the French-language version of
the PowerMail installer are available from our home page at: