Title: FoldersSynchronizer
Version: 1.2
Date: 08 October 1999
Platform: Macintosh
MacOS: 7.0.1 or higher
Category: Utility
Licence: Shareware
Author: Lorenzo Puleo

URL: http://space.tin.it/arte/lpuleo/5/5e.html
Download for PPC at:
http://space.tin.it/arte/lpuleo/download/folderssync.sit (900Kb)
http://space.tin.it/arte/lpuleo/download/folderssync.hqx (1.2Mb)
Download FAT at:
http://space.tin.it/arte/lpuleo/download/folderssyncfat.sit (1.3Mb)
http://space.tin.it/arte/lpuleo/download/folderssyncfat.hqx (1.8Mb)

Utilities for Macintosh. Choose two folders and then they will be
synchronized exaclty. The old files will be replaced with the newest files
in both the directions. The new files (new entries) will be copied in both
the directions, as well as the new Folders. The old Folders will not
replaced entirely by the newer, as the Finder used to do, but their content
will be updated with the newest files, the new files (new entries) and new
Folders(new entries). If some conflict occurs between FileNames and
FolderNames, FoldersSynchronizer will append to the FileNames the post-fix
“.1”, “.2″…

FS can filter the documents to copy by Type, Creator and Modification Date.
Scriptable by AppleScript.