SGBD Products is pleased to announce the shipment of ScanPlug version 1.0.2
(Mac and Windows). This version fixes some problems reported by users. You
can download these versions from our web site at

ScanPlug is the fast and easy to use direct-do-disk professional picture
acquisition solution for 4D databases. Now you can put pictures in a
database 10 times faster !

ScanPlug makes ACIUS 4D’s and Adobe’s Photoshop plug-in technologies meet
in a fast and easy to use plug-in for 4D. Fully compliant with both
technologies, ScanPlug allows you to call acquiring plug-ins designed for
Photoshop (including twain sources) directly from 4D with no effort.

From the pictures in your scanner or camera, ScanPlug produces in one
single shot, PICT, compressed PICT or JPEG files, using direct-do-disk
technology, together with their thumbnail for quick viewing, which makes
ScanPlug the fastest and cheapest solution ever to put pictures in a
database. This includes subjects such as: people, news, art, photography,
medical imaging, advertising, catalogs, sales, on-line databases and so
on… Licence fees range from one-site licences to royalty-free developer
licences.Visit our web site and download a free demo at
to download ScanPlug :

Macintosh version 1.0.2

Windows version 1.0.2

ScanPlug International Dpt.